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EUROPREV Webinar 2 - May 21st at 21h00 (CET, Paris & Berlin Time)

Dear colleagues,

On May 21st, at 21h00 (Central European Time, Paris & Berlin Time), we will have the second webinar of this free medical education activity. We count on your participation! Welcome and thank you very much for having registered.

In this second webinar, our speaker will be
Ricardo Fontes Carvalho, a colleague cardiologist, researcher and Professor from the University of Porto. And the topics to be discussed will be:

Webinar 2 - Stroke prevention in patients with atrial fibrillation
- Are NOACs evidence-based?
- Clinical guide on how to use NOACs in clinical practice
- Strategies to reduce ischemic and bleeding risk, with real-world clinical vignettes

Link to watch the webinar:

To obtain the Final Certificate is necessary to attend at least five of the six webinars. During the webinar, we will share a link with where you will have to confirm your attendance. We will share this link through the chat platform. After the six webinars, a Certificate of Attendance corresponding to a 9-hour training activity will be issued.

I still leave some practical tips:

1. On the day of the webinar, we would appreciate that you gradually enter in the streaming webpage in the hour before the webinar. This is to avoid an excessive boom of accesses at 21:00 that could put our server at risk.

2. I remind you that for those you interested in obtaining a Certificate, it is necessary that you carry out an attendance check during the webinar. To do this, we will share a link through the chat.

3. When we share the attendance check link, if you can not immediately access the page, wait a few seconds, without stress, refresh the page and you should get it.

4. During the webinar, you will be able to share your comments and doubts through the chat. Given the very high number of colleagues attending it, it is not possible to put in the chat all your messages, nor will it be possible during the webinar to answer all the questions. We'll try to do our best!

5. To be able to attend the webinar in the best conditions, it is crucial that you choose a place with good quality internet access, preferably cable access! Wi-Fi connections are always more susceptible to interference and interruption of the respective transmission. And please prefer to watch the webinar by computer, instead of doing it by tablet or smartphone.

Carlos Martins

EUROPREV President

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